What is a MEID number on mobile?

All mobile devices manufactured in the world carry a MEID number. But what is the real function and importance of this mobile and tablet registration code? Phonefic Technologies explains it to you in this short guide!

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What does the MEID number mean?

The Mobile Equipment Identifier, or just MEID, is a global identification code for mobile devices that operate on CDMA mobile internet networks (technology related to 3G). Created in 2006, the “registration” replaces the electronic serial number (ESN), whose combinations sold out in November 2008.

In this way, the 14-16-character hexadecimal identification number – made up of numbers 0-9 and AF letters – is divided into three fields:

What is MEID number on mobile
Organization of the MEID number (Image: Reproduction/Wikipedia)
  • RR: regional code (place of manufacture of the product) with two characters;
  • Manufacturer Code: six-character manufacturer reference code;
  • Serial Number: Mobile device serial number defined by the manufacturer with six characters;
  • CD: Two-character check digit. However, these extra numbers are not considered part of the MEID.

All electronic devices that support the CDMA network leave the factory with the MEID number registered inside. In some cases, the identification is located on the battery, under the power unit, or on the back of the device.

As with the IMEI, the code allows telephone operators to track lost, stolen or defective cell phones. With this global code, it is possible to block the use of the device even from a distance .

What are the differences between MEID and IMEI number?

In short, the International Mobile Equipment Identity, or just IMEI , is an individual registration number for each mobile device. Featured, it aims to identify the devices that connect to a GSM mobile network.

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It is important to note that not always a phone will have an IMEI or MEID number. This is because the first code is related to GSM system devices, while the second, as mentioned earlier, is linked to CDMA network devices.

ID records for mobile devices also have different digit formats and amounts. The IMEI consists of 14 or 15 decimal characters and the MEID uses between 14 and 16 hexadecimal characters.

However, there are cases where the MEID number will be the same decimal code used by the IMEI without the last digits. This combination “coincidence” may depend on the mobile device manufacturer and the networks the device can connect to.

How to find the MEID number of mobile or tablet?

As said, the MEID information is usually recorded inside the device. However, for the convenience of the user, it is possible to obtain this data by dialing “*#06#” (without the quotation marks) in the dialer application of the mobile phone or tablet.

How to find the MEID number of mobile or tablet?
*#06# is a universal code that reveals the IMEI and MEID number of mobile devices (Image: Benedict/Phonefic Technologies)

The operating system will automatically display the device’s MEID and IMEI information. Then, the person can take a screenshot or write down these important registration codes in case the device is lost or stolen .

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