Elon Musk gives up on buying Twitter, and company threatens to sue billionaire
Image source: Biography.com

Twitter’s (non)buying soap opera is far from the final chapter. Elon Musk backed out of the deal last Friday (8). Now, the social network is preparing a lawsuit in the United States to force the businessman to complete the acquisition. In reaction, Musk posted ironic messages using his… Twitter account.

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According to the businessman’s lawyers, Twitter has not fulfilled its contractual obligations. Among them would be the transfer of information about fake accounts (bots) on the platform. This was the justification given for the business withdrawal. If the purchase was completed on the expected terms, Musk would have to shell out $44 billion.

A few hours later, Bret Taylor, Twitter’s chairman, announced that the company would take legal action against Elon Musk . The intention is to force the entrepreneur to conclude the deal, obviously.

Apparently, it wasn’t an empty demonstration, motivated by the heat of the moment. Sources close to the company told Reuters that Twitter hired law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz to handle the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Musk “laughs”

With ironic publications, Elon Musk has been trying to demonstrate that he is not worried about the risk of suffering a lawsuit. One of the messages , published this Monday (11), shows the following sequence of sentences accompanied by photos of the businessman laughing:

  • They said no I could buy Twitter
  • So they didn’t give information about bots
  • Now they want to force me to buy Twitter in court
  • Now they will have to give information about bots in court

Based on the movement on both sides, there are those who believe that Elon Musk is just making a move to lower the amount to be disbursed for the deal.

Whether this is really Musk’s plan or not, the businessman is trying to demonstrate that he knows what he’s doing. In a cryptic tweet released hours later , he shows Chuck Norris with a single pawn facing an opponent with all the pieces on a chessboard.

Musk’s near-buy of Twitter

The announcement of Musk’s Twitter purchase plan was made in April. At the time, the businessman expressed his intention to restore “freedom of expression” on the social network. This is an allusion to messages or accounts that were banned for violating the service’s usage policies.

Days earlier, the businessman had become the largest single shareholder in Twitter. Because of this, it seemed that nothing could shake the business. But the romance was short-lived, really.

In May, Elon Musk suspended the purchase process on the grounds that the deal could not move forward until Twitter provided accurate information about the number of fake accounts on the social network.

It would only be a temporary measure. But in June, the negotiation was still at a standstill. That month, Musk was already saying that, without the requested information, the deal could be canceled .

As you already know, the withdrawal of the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk was confirmed last Friday. The main reason was maintained: lack of accurate information on the part of the social network. For the entrepreneur, the social network has more fake accounts than the amount recognized by the service.