8 Tips for choosing the best gaming phone

Choosing the best gaming phone may not be an easy task. After all, there are so many options available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which one best fits our needs.

However, it is essential to research and only purchase the device when you are sure that it is the best option for you.

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To have a direction to follow when choosing the ideal smartphone for gaming, we have compiled 8 tips to consider before buying a gaming smartphone. several simple but important tips.

So, if you are a fan of mobile games , you can play them quietly on your device without headaches or crashes. Just read to the end and check out our recommendations!

Tips for choosing the best gaming phone

While PCs and other larger types of devices are generally more powerful, the smartphone has a huge advantage over them in many ways—especially portability.

After all, we can communicate, access the internet, and perform a variety of other functions via our smartphones from anywhere with network access. Not to mention the offline apps that are very useful too, like the calculator, camera, clock, etc.

And nowadays, one of the most commonly used functions of smartphones is gaming. Whether to download games, access multiplayer arenas, play online casino games, quizzes, or all sorts of games, the smartphone is one of the best devices.

However, for mobile games to be played with fluidity, comfort, and without harming the device, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects when buying it, as we will see below.

Screen Resolution

One of the first things you should consider when choosing the best gaming phone is its resolution. The display is what determines how many pixels the screen has per inch (PPI).

As you may know, pixels are small dots of color. The more agglutinated they are, the sharper the image is. Therefore, the higher the PPI of the mobile, the clearer the image in the game will be.

If you intend to buy a new gaming smartphone, the ideal thing to consider is to ensure the smartphone has Full HD resolution, which usually features around 390PPI.

Memory (RAM and ROM)

The device’s RAM is responsible for allowing it to perform several processes at the same time. The ROM is the one that reads the stored data and mainly influences the device’s initialization.

To choose the best gaming phone, it is important you get a smartphone with more than 4GB of RAM and make sure the ROM is compatible with those used in the US if the smartphone is imported. So, to see information about your device’s ROM, you can look in your device’s settings or the box.

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Another determining factor when choosing the best smartphone for games is the processor. After all, it is responsible for processing the data received by the device.

As games usually contain a lot of data, it is necessary that the smartphone has a powerful processor so that it can process them without crashing.

In general, you should use devices that are quad-core or octa-core to play without problems; that is, if your smartphone’s processor has four or eight cores.


Battery life is a general criterion when choosing a good gaming phone. However, playing is even more important, as games usually demand a lot of time and energy from the device.

And you don’t want your phone to “die” or overheat right in the middle of the game, do you? So, check the battery life of the smartphone before buying it so you don’t have headaches later. An ideal gaming phone battery should be more than 4,000 milliamps per hour (mAh), which will give it around 14 hours of battery life.


Another important thing that you should pay attention to when choosing the best gaming phone is whether the game you intend to play is supported by the device. It’s not just any smartphone that runs any game.

So, check if the game in question needs features like a gyroscope, motion sensor, and camera, and if your device has these features.

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In addition to RAM and ROM, you also need to know if the phone you intend to buy has a good amount of storage space. After all, if it doesn’t have a lot of space, it may be that some games are not supported by it.

Or, you may even be able to download or access the game, but it will present problems and you will not be able to play it properly.

So, to choose the best mobile phone for games, prefer one that has more than 32GB of space and has expandable storage to improve its space.

Operating System

The two main mobile operating systems are Android and iOS. And when you want to choose the best gaming phone, you must also take note of which system it operates on and which version it is.

After all, depending on the game or any app you want to download, the phone system version may not accept it if it is older. The latest Android version is 12 and iOS is 15.6.1 (iOS 16 will be released soon), so it is best that your phone is updated with them.

Screen size

Something very important to pay attention to when choosing the best gaming phone is the screen size. The bigger it is, the easier it will be to access resources during matches and, consequently, the better your performance will be.

The optimal screen size for gaming is above 6 inches, which will allow you to play with visual and display comfort.

Now that you know how to choose the best gaming phone, put these tips into practice and enjoy your mobile games in comfort!