How to track a lost iphone that is turned off.

Just to ensure you recover your iPhone when stolen or misplaced, here is how to track a lost iPhone that is turned off.

Having your smartphone stolen is one of the biggest fears of our increasingly connected society. iPhone users, however, have one more chance of recovering their devices by following a very simple trick.

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This tip was posted by a user who went viral on TikTok. For this to actually work well, you need to ensure every security precautions are put in place before the phone got missing.

The source calls the maneuver a “hack,” but it’s actually a quiet setup that everyone who uses Apple devices can take advantage of. Her explanation on TikTok already has over 10 million views, and she says she used it to get her iPhone back after it was stolen. You might want to try this too.

How to track a lost iphone that is turned off

The setup in question starts on your iPhone when you still have it. You must have Face ID and a password set up, then turn off the Control Center and USB Accessories options.

On the other hand, the Location Services and Find my Phone options must be turned on, along with Find my Network and Send Last Location. To use the trick, you must keep your phone set up this way at all times.

Now, here is how to track your lost iphone that is turned off when stolen or misplaced. To locate the device, in case of loss or theft, you will need the collaboration of a relative or friend who also has an iOS device. You will need to log in with your account on the device and that’s it.

In your account settings, you can see your other device, the missing one. The tool allows you to locate it even if it is turned off or in airplane mode.

We urge readers never to look for their  smartphone in dangerous places alone, especially if they believe their device has been stolen . Instead, call the police and tell them the location of the device.

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