how to stop your iPhone from overheating

Is your iPhone 11, or any other iPhone model, overheating? Would you like to stop your iPhone or iPad from overheating? We’ve got you covered in this short guide.

iPhones and iPads , like any electronic device, are designed to be used by following several guidelines.

One of them is that the environment where these devices are being used should not be too hot or too cold, as this can cause serious damage to them. In addition, battery life can also be greatly affected.

Precisely for this reason, Apple makes it very clear what the temperatures of operating and non-operating environments are, as well as relative humidity and operating altitude.

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How to stop your iPhone from overheating?

  • Use your iPhone or iPad in environments with a temperature ranging from 0ºC to 35ºC. According to Apple, they can be kept (i.e. when not being used) at a temperature ranging from -20ºC to 45ºC.
  • Do not leave the device in the car on a very hot day, as the sun can cause it to become overheated.
  • Remove any covers or protections that are placed on the device.
  • Turn off Bluetooth or Location Services.
  • Avoid using some specific features when the device is in direct sunlight or when it is very hot. These activities include GPS navigation, a game that uses a lot of device graphics, or applications that use augmented reality (AR), for example.
  • If you are restoring your device from an iCloud backup, it may be that the temperature exceeds the threshold. In such cases, a “Restore Paused” warning will be displayed. With this, it will be necessary to wait for your iPhone or iPad to cool down for the process to occur again.

If the temperature exceeds the recommended minimum or maximum temperature, Apple informs you that you may notice some characteristics on your device, such as slower charging, temporary flash disabling, screen getting darker or blacker, and a drop in application performance.

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In even more extreme cases, a warning may appear on the screen that the iPhone or iPad will need to cool down before using it again. In such cases, turn off the device, place it in an environment where the temperature is cooler and wait for a while until it cools down completely. Then turn it back on and see if everything is back to normal.

If it stays in extremely cold environments, it can also happen that you can’t recharge your battery, experience lower performance or shut down.

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