How to save photos to the cloud on mobile or PC

Storing photos in the cloud can be a great way out for those who have space problems, whether on mobile, tablet or computer. By enabling automatic upload , your photos are automatically uploaded to the platform. That way, you can erase them from your device and gain in storage. See how to save photos to the cloud .

How to save photos to the cloud

Before setting up your phone or PC to save photos to the cloud, you need of course to choose a cloud.

The cloud is nothing more than a way to store your media without taking up space on your device. Storage is done on the platform itself and, even if something happens to your device, photos and videos remain saved. They can also be accessed by other devices.

The walkthrough of this tutorial is with Google Photos, but there are more options available. The process may be a little different on other platforms, but the theory is the same — upload media automatically and gain space.

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Why use Google Photos?

Don’t confuse Google Photos with Google Drive . The first, as its name suggests, was made especially for storing photos and videos, while Drive stores different types of files.

Because it was designed for media backup , Google Photos has an intuitive and proper interface to view/archive images.

  • 15GB of free storage (shared with Gmail and Google Drive)
  • Available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android
  • Smart keyword search
  • Possibility to share files/folders with more users
  • Integration with Google Lens (take photo and receive information about it)

How to save photos in Google Photos [Mobile]

If you use an Android device, you probably already have the app installed. If you have an iOS device, download Google Photos and follow the steps below.

  1. Open Google Photos on your mobile;
  2. Go to your profile icon in the upper right corner;
  3. Tap “Enable Backup”
  4. Choose between uploading in high quality (unlimited storage) or original size and tap “Confirm”.

Ready! Google Photos will start backing up the media stored on your device.

How to save photos in Google Photos [PC]

In addition to mobile images, you can also upload media from your computer.

  1. Enter the  Google Photos website ;
  2. Click on “Access Google Photos”;
  3. Click on “Upload” in the upper right corner;
  4. Select “Computer”;
  5. Determine the quality of the photo (original or high quality) and click “Continue”;
  6. Ready! Once uploaded, the photo will be available in your Google Photos library.