How To Open Apps On Mac From Unidentified Developer

Do you want to learn how to open Apps on Mac from unidentified developer? Read this post to the end.

If you installed a new Mac apps outside of the App Store but couldn’t open it, don’t worry. Even if you have been notified by your Mac about an unidentified developer, you can authorize the file to open without much effort.

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First of all, you should be very cautious of where you install Mac apps other than the official App Store. Some files could be very harmful to your system. Therefore, only install and open files you trust the source. With that in mind, just follow the steps below to access the file.

How to open apps on Mac from unidentified developer?

  1. Locate the downloaded app:
    Use Finder to find the app you want to open. Warning: Launchpad will not work as it does not allow you to access the shortcut menu if you are not an authorized developer;
  2. Go to “Open”:
    Hold down the Control key on your keyboard, right-click on the application and then select “Open”;
  3. Open the app:
    Click “Open” again to access the app (this action will only be necessary once, then you can access the app normally with just two clicks).

Changed your mind? Learn how to uninstall apps on Mac

There are times you downloaded and installed Mac Apps, but when you launched and use them for a while, you noticed they  were not what you expected. Or the app didn’t deliver what it promised. It is annoying, yes. But that’s part of life! You just have to learn how to uninstall apps on Mac, get rid of them, and move on.

However, no need to worry. It is possible to uninstall apps (which were initially not allowed by the Mac) simply and quickly. Basically, just follow the same path or steps you did to open them.

Is using apps from unidentified developers safe?

According to Apple , using apps from unidentified developers is not recommended as there is a possibility of malware. But of course, not all the file are actually infected. In addition to looking for reliable sources, use antivirus for your MacOs, such as Avast, Avira and Kaspersky, to prevent bigger problems.

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