How to do split screen on iPhone

The multitasking feature on smartphones is useful for users who need to handle multiple applications simultaneously. So you don’t have to switch between apps all the time, you can learn how to do split screen on iPhone and make your daily activities more convenient.

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This functionality is well known to Mac and iPad users who use the native Split View feature: just open the device’s multitasking and drag one app onto another to instantly split the screen (provided the app is supported).

Although the iPhone still doesn’t have this functionality running natively, there is an application in the App Store that does the job well. Split Screen View (iOS | IPadOS) is a very viable alternative for users who need to split their iPhone screen — and it doesn’t need to be jailbroken.

How to do split screen on iPhone using Split Screen View

Split Screen View works like a duplicate browser on your iPhone screen; that is, you can visit two websites and interact with them at the same time. As many apps have very similar web versions, you can, for example, use Instagram and YouTube on the same screen.

The app’s interface is very intuitive and works very well-despite being improvised, you really feel like you’re interacting with a Split View feature. In my tests, I was able to navigate and exchange information between screens, as well as experiment with landscape mode . Even if you’re not using two apps, it feels like splitting your iPhone’s screen.

If the most basic usage suits your needs, Split Screen View will be quite useful. The app is free and also has a PRO version, which offers services such as private browsing, password for use, blocking of advertisements and multiple tabs for each screen. Enjoy!