How to check 5G signal coverage in São Paulo, Brazil

Residents of São Paulo, attention: do you want to learn how to check 5G signal coverage in São Paulo, Brazil? Hang in there! I’ve got you covered.

The long-awaited 5G connection is getting closer to Brazilians and yesterday, August 4, operators like Claro, TIM and Vivo released the signal to their users! Pretty cool, huh? It’s the beginning of a new stage in mobile communication!

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Maybe you’re thinking: “But Benedict, how can I know if where I live will have 5G signal?” That’s what I’m here for, folks! You can check 5G signal coverage in your city, not just São Paulo, by reading through the end of this article below.

How to check 5G signal coverage in São Paulo or other cities in Brazil


  1. Access Claro ‘s coverage map Claro ‘s coverage map;
  2. Select 5G from the options and enter the zip code you want to consult;
  3. With the help of the caption in the lower right corner, you can see what the 5G connection is good for in your location.
Claro 's coverage map
Enter your address or zip code to check the 5G signal coverage area



  1. Access Vivo’s Coverage;
  2. In the lower right corner, select 5G;
  3. Enter the address you want to check and see where the 5G coverage area is available.
Access Vivo's Coverage Area
Check Vivo’s 5G coverage area through the map


  1. Access TIM ‘s Coverage Map;
  2. Enter your addresses to open the map;
  3. Select, in the top menu, the 5G connection;
  4. Browse the map to see if your neighborhood have the connection.
Access TIM 's Coverage Map
Check the coverage area through the TIM map

That’s it guys. So if you are interested in checking 5G signal coverage in São Paulo, go through the above points well. Pretty easy to check, right? But take a look: as 5G connectivity is still in the beginning stage,  the signal may not yet be at maximum strength, and there may be some instabilities, okay? So a little patience is important!

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