How to advertise on Instagram for business

New ways to attract customers and earn money through the internet are emerging every day. Using social media to advertise your products and services is one of the main ones. However, many entrepreneurs still have doubts about the best way to use them. One of the main questions that come to me is: “how to advertise on Instagram for business”?

Entrepreneurs can benefit from Instagram Ads in an unparalleled way if they know how to use the power of this social network to their advantage because it is a leader in sharing quality photos and images.

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Posts on Instagram generate desire and arouse the desire to buy, which makes it such a powerful tool that many entrepreneurs already use it as a direct sales channel.

The step by step to learn how to advertise on Instagram for business

Instagram is a social media linked to Facebook, so companies that want to make ads need to have a presence on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. The administration of ads is done through the control panel of your company’s fan page on Facebook, so it follows similar rules to that network. Check out our top tips.

Prepare your Ad

The biggest differentiator of Instagram in relation to other social media is its focus on images, so it is essential that you create visually attractive ads, with well-produced photos and adequate resolution.

A tip is to put a very lean text in the image. It can be a title or a short sentence, to arouse the user’s curiosity, encouraging him to see your caption and the link to which you want to direct him. Make sure that this text takes up a maximum of 20% of the image, as this is the limit allowed by Instagram.

Instagram also allows for up to one minute videos and you can also use this feature to create your ad. Remember to produce good content and pay attention to the image and sound quality of your advertising piece.

Set your Budget

The tool for publishing and editing ads on Instagram is the Ad Manager, which is inside Facebook. So the way you control media buying is the same.

The budget is based on daily credits, which are discounted according to the reach generated for your ad. Therefore, it is important that you define your daily budget and also the number of days the campaign will be live to avoid surprises with charges at the end of the month.

Create the Ad

Running campaigns on Instagram is easy; you manage all your ad settings through Ad Manager, just like you do for Facebook. It is not necessary to have an Instagram account to run ads, but it is essential to have a Facebook Fanpage.

To create the ad, you must start by generating a new campaign or new ad group in Ads Manager and click on the “Instagram” option in the “Placements” tab. Remember to check this option; otherwise, your campaign will run only on Facebook.

After that, just create the ad details, including the developed photo and captions, and then review the specs. By clicking “Review Changes”, your ad goes to Instagram verification, which reviews the technical standards of the ad and authorizes its publication.