If you want to see someone’s location history on Google Maps; or you want to track your cell phone’s location history,  an address you visited, edit a place that was marked as visited and you didn’t go, or just access what information was saved, you would definitely need to read through this article.

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Regardless of the reason, know that this can be done directly from the location settings section of Google Maps extremely quickly and conveniently. Check below for more details on how you can see someone’s location history on Google Maps:

  • Open the Google Maps application and click on the icon with your photo in the upper right corner;
  • In the menu that opens next, tap on “Timeline”;
  • At that moment, you will be able to view all the places visited, as well as the route taken. Select the day of the week by tapping “Today” at the top of the section displaying locations;
  • To edit or remove one of the locations, just tap the “Three dots” icon next to it;
  • If you want, you can switch between tabs, such as “Places“, “Cities” or “World“, in the upper corner of the tab, in addition to being able to access some of their statistics.
  • In the opened menu, select “Edit” or “Remove” to make a change or even delete the places you have visited;

To delete the entire day’s history, tap the “Three dots” in the upper right corner. In the menu that opens then select “Delete day” and confirm the action.

How do you see someone's location history on Google Maps?
“] See how to see someone’s smartphone’s location history using Google Maps (Screenshot: Benedict Onyeka)

How Google Maps Location History Works

Now that you know you can see your smartphone’s location history or track someone’s location history using Google Maps. Let’s look at how Google Maps location history works.

When you log in with your account on a device, Google’s location history will store the places you or the person you are tracking have been or visited, as well as the route you or the person took to the places. This is useful for providing interesting or relevant information about the surroundings or allowing users to easily find places they have been.

However, sometimes it ends up withholding wrong information or even not including a place you went. Or, if you want, you can select to have Google not retain this information on your device for security reasons.

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How to delete cell phone location history

  1. Through a web browser, access the opt-out page (if necessary, log in with your account);
  2. Tap “Delete Location History” and confirm the action then.

How to turn off cell phone location history

If you don’t want Google to retain this type of information, you can configure this.

  • Access the “Timeline” on Google Maps again;
  • Tap the “Three dots” icon in the upper right corner and select “Privacy Settings”;
  • Locate and click on “Location history enabled”;
  • Select which account you want to make the adjustment for if you have more than one;

Click on “Disable” and then confirm the action.

How to turn off cell phone location history
Access the “Settings and privacy” tab and disable the location history option of your Google account (Screenshot: Benedict Onyeka)

Ready! From now on, you already know how you see someone’s location history on Google Maps.