Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G Comparison: differences go far beyond the name

The Galaxy A53 5G and the Galaxy M53 are two premium mid-range smartphones from the stables of Samsung that are relatively similar in price, but with more differences than just one letter. What are they? And which one is best for you? I analyzed both smartphones and I am going to answer everything in this comparison!

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Galaxy A53 5G vs M53: Price Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Samsung Galaxy M53 5G are both priced between $412 to $450 in the United States or NGN 213,200 in Nigeria. We have also included the link to the online stores at the end of the post where you can get the phone at a low cost and quality is guaranteed.

Also at the end of this article, there will be the verdict segment that will guide you on which is better between Galaxy A53 5G and M53 for a better buying decision. So make sure to read to the end.

Galaxy A53 5G vs Galaxy M53 5G Key Specs

Specs Galaxy A53 5G Galaxy M53 5G
Display 6.52-inch, 120Hz 6.7-inch, 120Hz
Storage 128/256GB 128GB
Back Camera 64 + 12 + 5 + 5MP 108 + 8 + 2 + 2MP
Front Camera 32MP 32MP
Chipset Exynos 1280 5G Dimensity 900 5G
Software Android 12 Android 12
Battery 5,000mAh (25W) 5,000mAh (25W)
IP Rating IP67 NO

Galaxy A53 5G vs M53: Design Comparison

The Galaxy A family is Samsung’s flagship in the mid-range segment, so it gets the most news in features and settings. The Galaxy A53, for example, is made of plastic and provides protection against water and dust, an uncommon feature in the less expensive sector.

The Galaxy M53, in a cost-effective line, has no resistance against liquids and particles, nor does it have a more robust build. Although, it’s the same plastic finish as the Galaxy A53 5G, which isn’t bad, but it doesn’t offer any other distinctive difference as far as the build and design are concerned.

Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G: Design
Galaxy A53 5G

Visually, the two models are also different. This part is a bit subjective, but, in my opinion, the A53 is more interesting than the M53, with its rectangular bump integrated into the body of the device and the more elegant color options.

I didn’t like the square photo module of the M53 because it reminded me of the design of the Galaxy M62, from last year, which I also disliked. Aside from this, the smartphone comes with a much smaller thickness, despite the 5,000 mAh battery which makes it a very pleasant device to use. The M53 is very light and thin, despite being big in size. The A53, in turn, appears to be more robust, which I also like a lot.

Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G: Design
Galaxy M53 5G

In common, the two models lack a headphone jack, which is no longer new among Samsung devices.

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Galaxy A53 5G vs M53: Display Comparison

Samsung maintains a very interesting quality standard on the display of its mid-range smartphones. That is, both the Galaxy A53 and the M53 have the best panels for intermediate standards.

Essentially, we have 120 Hz Super AMOLED displays, ensuring vivid colors, intense brightness, deep blacks, and great fluidity when navigating the interface or playing games. Extended Full HD resolution is also present on both devices and offers a good definition.Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G: Display

In terms of display size, the Galaxy M53 is larger at 6.7 inches, while the A53 appears at 6.5 inches. The difference may seem small, but it has an influence on everyday life, positively or negatively, depending on your preference. For me, the A53 screen is nicer.

Settings and performance

We’re talking about two premium mid-range smartphones, so the experience is one of the best possible for the segment.

The Galaxy M53 runs MediaTek’s great Dimensity 900 5G chipset, which equates to the equally excellent Snapdragon 778G 5G. In practice, the chipset will be able to run most games without too many problems, and One UI 4.1 works very smoothly here.

The Galaxy A53, at least in numbers, should also deliver smooth performance in almost every task, but that’s not what I saw during my tests. The Exynos 1280 5G chipset equipped on the device did not perform well in games, and the user experience was not the most fluid.

Overall, it ran the most popular apps on the Play Store such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, WhatsApp, and Instagram very well, as well as some image and video editors. It just shouldn’t excite those who enjoy playing games with maximum graphics, as the GPU can’t handle much.

Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G: Camera Comparison

In the camera department, the Galaxy M53 stands out with its 108 MP main sensor, which produces great images, with extremely vivid colors, high levels of saturation and contrast, and balanced HDR.

The Galaxy A53 also does very well with its 64 MP primary camera, repeating the post-processing already known by Samsung in making the photos much more flashy and ready to post on social networks.

When it comes to portrait mode, I also don’t have much to complain about on both phones. However, the Galaxy M53 delivers more consistent results, usually without having too many gaps around the main object or color inaccuracies.

But on the other lens, the Galaxy A53 does a little better. The ultrawide, for example, offers nicer colors and more interesting HDR. The 5 MP macro is superior to the M53’s 2 MP, both in resolution and post-processing.

Galaxy A53 5G vs M53 5G: Battery Comparison

Regarding the battery, the Galaxy M53 is the champion here. It doesn’t bring the 7,000 mAh of the M62 brother, but it manages to work very well with its 5,000 mAh. In our standard streaming test, for example, it consumed 20%, which is pretty interesting by intermediate standards.

In the same scenario, the Galaxy A53 consumed more than 25%, which shows that the Exynos 1280 5G is not as optimized as the Dimensity 900 5G in gaming and everyday life.

But, overall, you will be able to reach the second day with both devices, but you should have more peace of mind with the Galaxy M family device.

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Galaxy A53 vs M53: which is better?

The Galaxy A53 and M53 are very competent mid-range smartphones that have their positives and negatives sides. The Galaxy A53 5G has a more premium design, more competent cameras, higher quality sound, and a very high-quality AMOLED screen.

The Galaxy M53 stands out for its thin design, more consistent performance in games, longer battery life, and a very competent 108 MP main camera.

On the scales, even more considering the price, the Galaxy A53 manages to balance itself better than its brother. Even though it doesn’t perform very well in games, its user experience is more premium and it is worth the $412 price tag on Amazon.

Things can change a little when the Galaxy M53 drops a little in price, something that can happen faster than its brother because of its proposal.

Buy Galaxy A53 and Galaxy M53

Galaxy A53 Price Galaxy M53 Price
Buy Galaxy A53 5G On Amazon Starting from $312.99 (non-warranty) or $440 US version N/A $450
Buy On Jumia NGN 213,200 N/A