Check out how you can find anybody on the internet and Facebook using just picture
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Through four simple methods, it is possible to find person on Facebook by picture through four simple methods: they include using the picture filename, Google Reverse Image Search, Bing Reverse Image Search, and TinEye.

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This tip is very useful and works perfectly when you have the person’s pictures saved on your PC and you can’t find the person on Facebook using the normal methods of searching for people on social media. Join me as I teach you how you can find person on Facebook just by using their picture.

How to find person on Facebook by picture

1: Using Picture ID

All pictures hosted on Facebook have a unique picture ID. What this means is, for every picture uploaded on Facebook or other social networks, there is always a unique ID that can be used to track or access the content in any browser.

This particular numeric ID can be seen in the file name if you save the picture to your computer or smartphone. For instance, if you searched for the picture on Google Images or Facebook and saved it on your computer, observe the numerical sequence that appears in the picture title. This is the numeric ID that can be used to find person on Facebook by picture.

Now, for this method to work perfectly, you need to have the picture ID of the person. Otherwise, it will not be possible to find the person on Facebook. Aside from this, the method also has some limitations due to the Facebook privacy settings of the person you want to find. Here is how it works:

  • Get the file name of the picture (it looks similar to “FB_IMG_1661507922475“);
  • The picture should have ‘fb’ in the file name if downloaded from Facebook (pictures saved from other sources like Google images don’t have “FB”);
  • Launch your web browser, then copy and paste the link “” in the address bar;
  • Just after the equals symbol (=), paste the file name or ID of the Facebook picture;
  • In my example, I have something like this: ““;
  • Click “Enter” on your keyboard to access the image.

Like I said earlier, the user’s privacy settings will determine whether this method will work or not. If the picture is not public or if the owner of the profile has blocked you, you will not be able to see the pictures nor access the person’s profile.

If you cannot find the person on Facebook using this method, then you might want to try other methods below.

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2: Using Google Reverse Image Search

How to find person on facebook by picture
Google Images has a feature to find a person by photo, including from Facebook (Screenshot: Benedict Onyeka)

In case the first method didn’t work for you, doing a Google Reverse Image Search can help you find person on Facebook by their picture. With Google, you can do a reverse search with the picture of the person you are looking for. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to ( If you are using a smartphone, change your browser to desktop view for you to see the camera icon.)
  • Select the camera icon next to the search bar.
  • Upload the exact picture from your gallery or paste the file link if you have it.
  • Click enter to search.
  • Look for the matching picture in the displayed result.
  • Click on “Find image source”;

To get customized results, change the keyword to site: This will make it easy to find the Facebook profile using the picture.

3: Using the TinEye to find person on Facebook by picture

How to find person on facebook by picture
TinEye can be used to find person on Facebook by picture on the internet (Screenshot: Benedict Onyeka)

You can also use TinEye to find someone on Facebook using just their picture. It is a free online tool that works like Google Images. Although this tool is not as accurate as Google Images, it will surely get the job done, especially if you are using a smartphone.

To find a person on Facebook by picture using TinEye:

  • Visit the official website at;
  • Click “Upload” to upload the saved picture onto TinEye;
  • If you have a picture link, copy and paste it in the following field and click the “search” button;
  • View similar results, including a link to the person’s Facebook profile if available.

4: Using Bing’s Reverse Image SearchHow to find person on facebook by picture

Just like Google Reverse Image Search, you can also find person on Facebook by using Bing Reverse Image Search. All you need to do is:

  • Launch the Bing search engine and click on the camera icon.
  • Upload the image and let it search automatically.
  • All the data related to the picture will be displayed to you.
  • You can also search by copying and pasting the image’s URL.

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