Apple Watch Series 8 may have sensor to check body temperature

Apple Watch offers a wide range of health features . But that list could be expanded in the future: the Apple Watch Series 8 tends to bring a temperature sensor to tell if you have a fever or not. This is what Bloomberg ‘s Mark Gurman revealed on Sunday (3) in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter.

Predictions revolve around the next generation of Apple Watch . According to Gurman, the Series 8 will possibly have a built-in temperature gauge. The sensor, if implemented, will not only expand the watch’s list of features but will also differentiate it, as the component is still not so common in smartwatches.

The sensor, however, will not be as detailed as the others. This is because the tool, unlike heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and the like, will not report the exact body temperature. Instead, the watch will only suggest whether the wearer has a fever or not.

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Another however is the implementation, in fact, of the novelty. Gurman said in his newsletter that the novelty depends on internal tests carried out by Apple. In other words: if the tool has problems, the manufacturer should not include the component in its next smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be unveiled in September, along with the iPhone 14.

AirPods Pro 2 may not get a heart monitor

The AirPods Pro 2 tends to be one of Apple’s next wearables. But unlike the bet revealed last week , Apple is not expected to include health features in the brand’s headphones. The account also comes from Mark Gurman in his Sunday column.

The journalist talks about the heart rate sensor. According to the website 9to5mac, the brand’s future advanced headphones will have a sensor to detect vital signs and body temperature. Gurman, on the other hand, was told that neither component will carry over to Apple’s future wearable.

However, Apple should bring some enhancements to the device, such as the case with a USB-C port in place of Lightning. The wearable can also gain sound improvements. The device is expected to be announced later this year.