How to know you've been block on Telegram

A while ago, we showed here at Phonefic Technologies how you can easily block a contact on Telegram , one of the most popular web messengers.

But how do you know, exactly, if you’ve been blocked there? As in the case of WhatsApp , there are a few different topics that, if taken into account, can help you identify this situation.

See how to know you’ve been blocked on Telegram!

  • The contact’s photo will no longer be visible to you in the event of a block.
  • Upon entering the person’s conversation, prompts such as “Online” and “Last seen” — normally visible at the top of the screen — will no longer appear.
  • Check if your messages were only sent or received. To identify this, just pay attention to the messages sent to the contact. If they only have a ✔️, this could be a sign that you’ve been blocked.
  • Normally, when a person deletes their Telegram account, an “Account deleted” notice is shown to the person who kept in touch. If she no longer responds to you and this warning is not appearing for you, this could be an alert that the person may have blocked you.
  • Try making a voice or video call to the contact. If you are blocked, it is possible that it has an error or is not fully completed.

So, did these tips help you in any way?