Have you ever played a game with campaign mode (a mode in which the player follows the story) and noticed that an enemy seemed to think? It turns out that all games, to a greater or lesser extent, make use of some form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

But you must be asking yourself: “why do games use Artificial Intelligence?” Check it out, people: electronic games have the need to challenge the player. And what’s more challenging than smart enemies? Take a look at the article below and get to know some games with great AIs.

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PAC-MAN ( PC | Android | iOS | PlayStation | Xbox | Switch )

When talking about Artificial Intelligence, PAC-MAN doesn’t come to mind, right? But look: each of the Ghosts that try to reach you has specific behaviors, and with each new phase, they become even smarter. It’s a good way to apply difficulty with good AI, right?

AI Dungeon ( Web | Android | iOS )

Are you a fan of RPG? Then you will love this one! AI Dungeon is a text-based game where you can choose different story types like Fantasy, Medieval and more. After choosing how the story context will be, just type your actions and the story will adapt. Oh! The game, fortunately, is all in English, but if you like the style, you’ll love to know!

Red Dead Redemption 2 ( PC | PlayStation | Xbox )

The world created by Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption 2 is enchanting. Impresses by the level of detail, but the game’s AI is also amazing! Each person has a daily routine, and it is possible to see the progress of many of them as they progress through the story. It’s amazing!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War ( PC | PlayStation | Xbox )

The second game in the series, based on the classic Tolkien universe, is full of interesting characters. They maintain routines of their own, recognize the player and know the right moment to flee if necessary. It’s quite interesting to travel around the world and see enemy AI in action.

Alien: Isolation ( PC | Android | iOS | PlayStation | Xbox )

Being stranded aboard a space station far from home must be a terrifying experience, but imagine a monster hunting you? But calm down, it can still get worse: the game’s Artificial Intelligence learns your movements and possible hiding places, forcing the player to adapt and think creatively about how to hide. If you like horror games, this one is perfect for you!

These games are some of the best when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, and they are worth knowing! I’ll be back soon with more gaming tips for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions leave them in the comment section.